There are So Many Reasons Why ECO-PLUG
is the Best and Only Patented Magnetic,
Universal Oil Pan Drain Plug on the Market

STOP HAZARDOUS Unsightly Oil Leaks and Stains!

Transform Your Oil Changes with the Revolutionary ECO-PLUG

  • Looking to safely and cleanly expedite oil changes?
  • Need a quick, inexpensive, permanent fix for stripped/leaking drain plugs or oil pan?
  • Are you tired of dealing with hazardous and unsightly driveway oil leak stains?

ECO-PLUG is your answer. The first and only threadless, magnetic, universal oil pan drain plug, ECO-PLUG has completely transformed the oil change industry. Its patented design speeds up service and resolves the headaches caused by stripped plugs and pans.

The Benefits of Using ECO-PLUG

  • Installs and removes in seconds using pliers, channel locks, vice grips or our exclusive ECO-PLUG Magnetic Removal Tool
  • Prevents or resolves oil pan thread damage
  • Eliminates the costly expense of replacing stripped oil pans
  • Prevents against future thread stripping
  • Resolves existing oil leaks from ill-fitting, stripped plugs
  • Options for steel and aluminum oil pans
  • Universal sizes fit 99% of all makes and models. See our Sizing Table.
  • Eliminates installer error
  • Outperforms oversized drain plugs, butterfly plugs, oil tite plugs and helicoil timesert
  • Permanent replacement for worn, leaking threaded drain plugs
  • Attracts ferrous material in motor oil
  • Extends engine life
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee AND GUARANTEED for life!

What Customers are Saying about ECO-PLUG Magnetic Drain Plugs

Stop installing temporary oil pan thread fixes. Don’t replace expensive oil pans. Go Threadless, Go Magnetic, Go ECO-PLUG.