Magnetic Oil Drain Plug Removal Tool by ECO-PLUG

ECO-PLUG Magnetic Oil Drain Plug Removal Tool for Steel and Aluminum Oil Pans

Our Professional Magnetic Removal Tool is specifically engineered to safely and cleanly remove ECO-PLUGs from steel and aluminum oil pans in seconds. Its unique design eliminates exposure to hot motor oil.


Removes ECO-PLUGS Even Faster

ECO-PLUG’s patented design has already revolutionized the oil change industry by speeding up oil drain plug removal and installation. Our Magnetic Oil Drain Plug Removal Tool makes removal from steel oil pans even faster and easier – as well as safer. Simply magnetically engage the tool with the ECO-PLUG and pull. It is the most efficient way to remove ECO-PLUGS from steel and aluminum motor oil pans.

Keeps Drain Plugs Secure During Oil Change

No more dropping or losing drain plugs. ECO-PLUGS stay magnetically attached to the Removal Tool. So, they won’t drop into a pool of hot motor oil, roll away or get lost!

EcoPlug 10MM-14MM Installation Instructions

One Hand, Magnetic Removal

No more hot, dirty oil dripping all over your hands as you remove the oil drain plug. Our removal tool allows you to hold the oil pan with one hand as you remove the ECO-PLUG with the other. Yes, it’s that simple! With this exclusive tool you can safely remove the plug and protect your fingers, arms and other body parts while doing so.

Handy Storage Case

Easily find the removal tool every time with our handy, branded storage case.

How the Magnetic Removal Tool Works:

  • Apply ECO-PLUG Professional Magnetic Removal Tool to ECO-PLUG.
  • Pull ECO-PLUG from oil pan.
  • Drain oil.

Stop installing temporary oil pan thread fixes. Don’t replace expensive oil pans. Go Threadless, Go Magnetic, Go ECO-PLUG.