ECO-PLUG 12MM-16MM Magnetic Oil Drain Plug for Aluminum Oil Pans

Our threadless, magnetic oil drain plug for aluminum oil pans removes in seconds and re-installs easily. This revolutionary drain plug with tapered, self-tap thread fits snugly into stripped oil pans, eliminating costly pan replacement and preventing leaks, unlike other ill-fitting plugs. Universal 12MM-16MM size fits 99% of all vehicles.

$14.99 each

Expedite Oil Changes & Eliminate Expensive Oil Pan Replacement with ECO-PLUG

Oil changes that involve traditional, threaded oil drain plugs take time – even at “quick lube” centers, performed by pros. Those plugs need to be screwed off and on – and they can get stuck requiring extra effort. The plugs and pans can also become stripped. ECO-PLUG quickens that “quick lube”, makes oil changes easier for do-it-yourselfers, and eliminates the need to replace stripped oil pans.

ECO-PLUG 12MM-16MM Key Features

  • Removes quickly and safely with vice grips
  • Self-Tapered thread snugly fits aluminum oil pans preventing leaks
  • An inexpensive, permanent solution to costly oil pan replacement
  • Patented leak-proof design
  • Security recessed and seated in steel t-bolt
  • Universal 12MM-16MM thread diameter, 1.25” thread recessed drain hole
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Installation Instructions:

  • Drain oil.
  • Hand-install self-tapered thread bolt straight into damaged aluminum oil pan threads.
  • Push and turn clockwise until the plug takes hold.
  • Apply a 7/8” wrench to hex-bolt and slowly turn clockwise. Tapered thread installation will vary due to variations in drain hole diameter.
  • Continue turning until thoroughly tight.
  • Remove the hex-bolt and wipe the tapered threads clean.
  • While wearing safety gloves, knead the two-color epoxy until it is uniform in color.
  • Apply the epoxy mix to and around the marred area of the tapered threads.
  • Wipe the drain hole threads.
  • Re-install the tapered thread bolt with applied epoxy into the drain hole.
  • Using a 7/8” wrench, turn clockwise until thoroughly tight.
  • Let stand for 10 minutes. Fill oil. Check for leaks. If leak is present, slowly turn the hex bolt clockwise until leak stops.

Removal Instructions

Do not remove hex bolt. Grip with pliers and pull to remove.


Inspect ECO-PLUG rubber gasket at each oil change service and wipe residual oil from inside hex-bolt & reinstall eco-plug.

Stop installing temporary oil pan thread fixes. Don’t replace expensive oil pans. Go Threadless, Go Magnetic, Go ECO-PLUG.