The Revolutionary Oil Drain Plug Developed by an Industry Pro

The Eco-Plug System revolutionizes the timeworn traditional threaded motor oil drain plug. Eco-Plug resolves motor oil pan replacement, safety, mechanical and environmental liability. The improper installation of an oil drain plug will result in oil pan thread damage, leaks & oil pan replacement.

Eco-Plug System is the world’s first and only automatic motor oil drain plug. Our leak proof universal design eliminates installer error, magnetically installs and uninstalls in seconds, extends engine life and is guaranteed for life.

The Eco-Plug System introduces threadless, magnetic innovation and technology engineered to forever change industry and the process in which we service motor oil.

An Effortless Oil Change Process, Eco-Plug is More Than Just a Drain Plug

  • Magnetically installs and uninstalls in seconds
  • Leak-proof design prevents installer error
  • Prevents or resolves stripped oil pan threads
  • Eliminates costly and inconvenient oil pan replacement
  • Permanently replaces worn, leaking drain plugs
  • Options for steel and aluminum oil pans
  • Click for Universal sizing chart. Fits almost all makes and models
Eco-Plug Magnetic, Threadless Oil Drain Plug

Simplifying the Oil Changes Process with Magnetic ECO-PLUG

Since the inception of Henry Ford’s assembly line, the automobile has continued to evolve. Despite the advancement in technology, the process of changing motor oil involving a drain plug and pan has remained the same as it was over a century ago. The traditional threaded drain plug and drain pan has eluded change and burdened the industry. Until ECO-PLUG.This magnetic drain plug’s patented design is a game changer.

No More Struggling with Threaded Plugs

As the owner of an oil change company, ECO-PLUG’s founder, Peter James Esposito, is constantly faced with the challenges associated with threaded drain plugs and oil pans – the removal and installation time, stuck plugs, stripped pans, leaky plugs, expensive pan replacement. So, he set out on a mission to make the oil change process easier and more effective. His invention revolutionizes the timeworn, traditional threaded motor oil drain plug. ECO-PLUG is the world’s first and only threadless, magnetic, leak-proof oil drain plug.

There Are So Many Reasons to Stop Reading and Start Shopping!

Speed up your oil change process. Prevent and eliminate leaks without replacing expensive oil pans.

Go Threadless, Go Magnetic, Go ECO-PLUG.

Stop installing temporary oil pan thread fixes. Don’t replace expensive oil pans. Go Threadless, Go Magnetic, Go ECO-PLUG.