ECO-PLUG 10MM-14MM Magnetic Oil Drain Plug for Steel Oil Pans

Quickly and easily change motor oil with the first and only threadless, magnetic oil drain plug for steel oil pans. Installs and uninstalls in seconds. Eliminates expensive oil pan replacement. Patented leak-proof technology. Universal size fits most makes and models. Guaranteed for life.

$14.99 each

Save Time, Money and Headaches with Revolutionary ECO-PLUG Oil Drain Plugs

Are you looking to speed up the time it takes to change motor oil? Need a quick, easy fix for stripped drain plugs or pans? ECO-PLUG Magnetic Oil Drain Plug does all that and more.

  • Installs in seconds
  • Easily removed with pliers, vice grips or our exclusive Magnetic Removal Tool.
  • Eliminates the need to replace stripped oil pans
  • Permanently replaces leaking, threaded drain plugs
  • Outperforms over-size, butterfly, threaded drain plugs, helicoils, timeserts and quick valves
  • Eliminates installer error
  • Attracts ferrous material in motor oil
EcoPlug 10MM-14MM Installation Instructions

Innovative Technology

A DuPont® VAMAC® self-adjusting rubber center sleeve and leak-proof gasket prevents future, and resolves existing, steel oil pan thread damage and costly oil pan replacement. ECO-PLUG’s magnetic structure provides for quick and easy removal and installation. It is the ideal oil drain plug for damaged or undamaged steel oil pan threads ranging in size from 10MM thread diameter to 14 MM thread diameter.

Stop installing temporary oil pan thread fixes. Don’t replace expensive oil pans. Go Threadless, Go Magnetic, Go ECO-PLUG.