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How To Fix Damaged Aluminum Oil Pan Threads

How To Fix Stripped Steel Oil Pan & Drain Plug

ECO-PLUG System Online Store. Shop Now!

Oil Drain Plugs that Save You Money and Prevent Leaks

The Only Automatic, Leak-Proof, Universal Magnetic Oil Drain Plug Guaranteed for Life

Say Goodbye to Problematic Threaded Drain Plugs, Temporary Thread Fixes and Costly Oil Pan Replacements!

Whether you change motor oil for a living or you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you can save time, money and aggravation with ECO-PLUG.
Threaded drain plugs by design are vulnerable to installation error and wear.
You need the right size socket or wrench. And too often, the threads wear out and leak oil. Over time, the threads on the plug and the oil pan can also become stripped, requiring costly oil pan replacement. It’s time to stop working harder and start working smarter with the revolutionary ECO-PLUG.

ECO-PLUG System Online Store
Buy at AutoZone Stores Nationwide!

The World’s First and Only THREADLESS, Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

ECO-PLUG’s patented design transforms and outperforms conventional drain plugs and temporary thread fixes by eliminating all menacing threads.

  • Installs magnetically and removes safely in seconds with pliers or our removal tool
  • Universal sizing fits 99% of all vehicles
  • Resolves steel or aluminum oil pan thread damage and oil leaks
  • Eliminates expensive oil pan replacement
  • Built to last – guaranteed for life

Available Nationwide In AutoZone Stores and All Walmart Supercenters

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NEW! Now Available in AutoZone Stores Nationwide!
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ECO-PLUG 10MM-14MM Magnetic Oil Drain Plug


A self-adjusting center sleeve and leak-proof gasket prevents future, and resolves existing, STEEL oil pan thread damage and costly oil pan replacement.

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ECO-PLUG 12MM-16MM Magnetic Oil Drain Plug


A tapered self-tap thread eliminates the need to replace stripped ALUMINUM oil pans, saving you money. Simple to install and remove.

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ECO-PLUG Professional Magnetic Removal Tool


Safely remove ECO-PLUG from steel and aluminum oil pans in seconds with our exclusive tool that allows you to control and avoid the flow of the oil.

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Stop installing temporary oil pan thread fixes. Don’t replace expensive oil pans. Go Threadless, Go Magnetic, Go ECO-PLUG.

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